Oil & Gas

Arowana is a professional managed engineering solutions provider with expertise in oil & gas engineering.

3D laser scanning technology is used in the oil and gas industry to create detailed and accurate images of oil and gas facilities and infrastructure.

This technology can be used to capture data on pipelines, storage tanks, and other equipment, providing detailed information on the condition and integrity of these assets.

We collaborate with our clients to provide solutions for the following detailing services.

  • 3D laser scanning is a technology that uses lasers to create a detailed, three-dimensional image of an object or environment.
  • 3D laser scanning in the oil and gas industry is its ability to quickly and accurately capture large amounts of data.
  • 3D laser scanning is a powerful technology that is helping the oil and gas industry to improve safety.
  • Increase efficiency & reduce Costs
  • It feeds into your other considerations.
  • You avoid data loss.
  • It improves safety on the jobsite.