Telecom Domain (Wireless)
Arowana telecom engineering team provides full-service support for the world’s leading wireless network companies. We deliver drawings, plans and other specifications necessary for every stage of preparing communication installations, from permitting to construction. We offer solutions for distributed antenna systems, as well as for in-building, rooftop and tower sites for new wireless network deployments and network upgrades.
Advanced wireless service requires a dependable communication infrastructure – and a partner to develop innovative solutions to overcome your business challenges and exceed your business goals. Whether your project needs include infrastructure design and engineering, site acquisition services, cell deployment or a consultative team of experts, Arowana has the know-how and experience to manage the most complex communication infrastructure projects.
Telecom Services
We utilizes the latest technological tools available to ensure the efficient collection and transfer of field data to our in-house design and engineering teams. Having completed hundreds of macro sites and small cell drawings, our engineers and CAD professionals have mastered the most progressive techniques and processes in the industry.
  • Preliminary Design
  • Radiation Hazard Document
  • Zoning Drawing
  • Tower Strenghtening
  • Detailed Design Documents
  • Photo Stimulations
  • Photomontage
  • Telecom Construction drawings
  • Detailed construction and fabrication drawings
  • Asbuilt Capturing & Drawings
Telecom/Wireless Structures
  • Lattice Tower
  • Guyed & self-supporting
  • Anteena Mounting
  • Roof Top Mount
  • Lighting Mast
FTTx design and drafting
Arowana offers a wide range of services catering to Copper, Fiber, and Hybrid Fibre Coaxial (HFC) technologies. Our experts have extensive experience in Telecom NOCs, field implementations, GIS applications, and IT applications, so you always deal with someone who understands your world. We’re highly skilled at analyzing, planning, optimizing network designs, and upgrading/modifying existing systems. Here’s what we cover:
  • Preliminary network design and drafting
  • Low-Level Design (LLD)&High-Level Design (HLD)
  • FTTx network update
  • As-built updates
  • Migration of network data from multiple sources to a single platform
Pole Loading Analysis (PLA)
Arowana offers detailed pole-level analytics on data received from the customer’s field staff. We utilize the most advanced software available to analyze the structural integrity of existing poles to determine their level of reliability in providing service while withstanding their current or foreseen loading demands. Arowana offers the following under Pole Loading Analysis services:
  • Structural and Stress analysis
  • Reporting of high-risk field assets
  • Pole replacement design
  • Make-ready design