Cyclone modeling refers to the process of simulating the behavior and movement of tropical cyclones, also known as hurricanes or typhoons. This type of modeling is an important tool for meteorologists and other weather experts as it helps to predict and track the path of these powerful storms, as well as assess their potential impact on coastal communities and other areas.

Cyclone modeling typically involves the use of mathematical equations and computer simulations to simulate the various physical processes that drive tropical cyclones. These processes include the movement of warm and cold air, the effects of wind and pressure, and the interactions between the storm and the surrounding environment.

We collaborate with our clients to provide solutions for the following Cyclone Modeling.

  • Understanding and predicting the behavior of tropical cyclones.
  • Scripting functionality
  • Direct import of Leica HDS and Leica Pegasus project data, including mobile trajectories and imagery
  • Direct import of DotProduct *.dp files
  • Batch import and auto image-to-scan alignment for iSTAR, Spheron, and Nodal Ninja external camera workflows
  • Advanced image-to-scan texture mapping options with complete HDR Tone Map Editor
  • Multiple, fast, convenient visualisation modes.
  • Fly Mode for smooth, 3D fly-through navigation, including 3D mouse support