Photogrammetry Arowana provides professional mapping services with on-time delivery schedules and in a cost effective process. The high standards are maintained by using the latest digital photogrammetric technology and software.

Our advanced technology and stereo plotting facility ensures optimal quality in your georeferenced, color balanced and seamless ortho-photos. Digital data captured through photogrammetric techniques is used to generate cross-sections, contour overlays for photomaps, DTM, volume calculations and conventional detail maps.

We work on Micro station environment and data can be exported to any CAD/GIS format. An intense quality assurance process ensures 100% adherence to customer specifications

We collaborate with our clients to provide solutions for the following detailing services.

  • To prepare planimetric topographical maps (Surveying/mapping).
  • To determine the space position of ground objects.
  • Creation of Digital Terrain Models (DTM).
  • For acquisition of military intelligence (Military/artificial intelligence).
  • To classify soil (Forestry/agriculture).
  • For the interpretation of geology (Geology/archaeology).
  • Assessment of crop damage due to floods or other natural calamities.
  • To prepare a composite picture of ground.
  • To relocate existing property boundaries.
  • In the field of medicines and many more.