Ariel Scanning

Ariel scanning is a method of using aircraft or drones equipped with specialized sensors to survey large areas of land or sea for potential oil and gas reserves.

Ariel scanning is particularly useful in remote or hard-to-reach areas, such as offshore or in rugged terrain, where traditional exploration methods may not be feasible.

Arowana in Ariel scanning can be used in conjunction with other exploration techniques, such as drilling and seismic surveys, to increase the accuracy of hydrocarbon detection and to identify the most promising areas for further exploration.

Ariel Scanning

We collaborate with our clients to provide solutions for the following Airel Scanning.

  • It keeps everyone in the loop.
  • It boosts productivity.
  • Changes are simpler to accommodate.
  • It feeds into your other considerations.
  • Using other geophysical methods to gather more data.
  • To locate and identify potential oil and gas reserves.