BIM has provided profound benefits to the engineering, construction and architectural industry. A revolution of sorts has changed the entire working of their projects with the initiation of BIM.

A project can be envisaged, corrected, managed and spatially established before brick and mortar enter the picture. The technology successfully eliminates waste, productively uses men and materials.

Our clients and we work hand in hand. We understand their needs and systems, ensuring timely delivery of reliable and accurate solutions.

The high quality of work that ensues is cost-effective and guarantees clients maximum support and satisfaction.


We collaborate with our clients to provide solutions for the following detailing services.

  • Rapid scanning to create or update a BIM model.
  • Import, view and interrogate.
  • Stairs, small rooms, tight spaces and GNSS denied environments.
  • Cover large areas with GeoSLAM.
  • User friendly technology.
  • Fast, repeatable