As-Built Modeling Services

Capturing Reality, Building the Future

The Purpose

In the dynamic world of construction and infrastructure development, the transition from design to actual construction often encounters changes and deviations.

As-Built Modelling services are essential in documenting these changes accurately, providing a precise digital representation of the completed project. This service is crucial for Architects, Engineers, Contractors, and Facility Managers involved in Construction, Renovation, and Infrastructure Maintenance, where accuracy is not just expected but required for future reference, maintenance, and compliance.

The significance of As-Built Modeling lies in its ability to offer a detailed and accurate reflection of the final project, capturing every modification, addition, or deviation from the original design.

Without this detailed documentation, managing future modifications, performing maintenance, or even ensuring compliance with regulatory standards becomes a challenge, fraught with the risk of relying on outdated or inaccurate information.

Benefits Of The Service

Documentary Accuracy

Provides an exact digital record of the building as constructed, including all changes made during the construction process.

Facility Management Efficiency

Enhances the efficiency of future renovations, maintenance, and facility management by providing a detailed reference.

Regulatory Compliance

Assists in ensuring that the constructed project complies with all relevant codes and regulations, simplifying the process of obtaining necessary certifications and approvals.

Cost Savings

Reduces the likelihood of costly errors in future projects by providing accurate as-built documentation, which can be referred to for planning and execution of modifications.

Risk Mitigation

Minimises the risk associated with future modifications and maintenance activities by providing detailed information on the existing structure.

Incorporating As-Built Modeling into project completion protocols can lead to substantial long-term savings by providing an accurate reference that simplifies future modifications, maintenance, and compliance efforts.

As Built Modeling

The Consequences Of Ignorance

Overlooking the importance of As-Built Modelling can lead to significant challenges in effectively managing and maintaining a facility over its lifecycle.

Without it, future projects may face delays, increased costs, and higher risks of errors due to the lack of accurate documentation of the existing conditions.

The financial and operational implications of relying on incomplete or inaccurate as-built information can be substantial, affecting not only the immediate project but also its long-term viability and safety.

Our Expertise

At Arowana, our As-Built Modelling services stand as a testament to our commitment to accuracy, efficiency, and innovation.

Our team of skilled professionals utilises the latest in technology and practices to deliver comprehensive digital models that reflect the true final state of your projects.

With extensive experience across a wide range of industries and project types, we ensure that your as-built documentation meets the highest standards of precision and utility.

Our portfolio showcases a diverse array of successfully completed projects, each benefiting from our meticulous approach to capturing every detail of the constructed environment.

By choosing Arowana, you partner with a leader in the field, dedicated to supporting your project’s success well beyond completion.

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